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Fitness + Nutrition: 

a way of life

What We Do

Health and Hydration will help you take steps toward a healthier life. We're here to guide you as you explore various ways to stay healthy, fit, and hydrated. Browse through this page to find products we offer. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us via email or through social media.


  • Personal Training and Nutrition Coaching
  • Fundraising Opportunities (40% or more given)
  • Retail Opportunities for Small Businesses and Gyms

Products Offered

CoreAO Stiks

Antioxidant power and an immunity boost from the most powerful disease-fighting super-nutrients on the planet: mangosteen, açai, bilberry, grape-seed extract, and more. 

Inflammation caused by arthritis, headaches, strenuous workouts? CoreAO's anti-inflammatory benefits can help you FEEL BETTER!

30 Stiks per box, $44.95

Save $5 per box - message us for more info

Go Stiks

Get natural, sustained energy from our plant-based hydration without any crash or jitters like synthetically caffeinated energy drinks. Amazing raspberry flavor plus enough electrolytes and B-vitamins to power your day, your workout or anything else! 

30 Stiks per box, $44.95

Save $5 per box - message us for more info

Soul Stiks

Enhance your mood and brighten your soul. Natural ingredients like yerba mate, ginseng, ginkgo biloba, and more combine to boost your lows and level out your mood. Think of it as your calming glass of wine - without the alcohol.

30 Stiks per box, $44.95

Save $5 per box - message us for more info

Smart Stiks

“Nootropics” are known as cognitive enhancers. Utilizing brain-boosters ginseng and bacopa monnieri, our nootropic SMART helps with focus and clarity, stimulating brain activity. 

30 Stiks per box, $44.95

Save $5 per box - message us for more info

Trim Stiks

Fight the urge to overindulge while boosting thermogenic activity. Our natural caffeine, from green coffee beans, greets your body as a food, not as a synthetic. 

30 Stiks per box, $44.95

Save $5 per box - message us for more info

bYou Micronutrient

Convenience and “value” can come at a considerable cost: Too many of today’s foods are over-processed and under-potent, seriously lacking in nutritional value. That happens when over-worked soil is depleted of nutrients. But producers, trying to keep up with demand from huge retailers and international conglomerates, keep planting,
fertilizing, spraying and harvesting on a crazy schedule. That’s a cycle from which it will be tough to recover. Thankfully, scientific research brings us B•YOU: essential micronutrients that help replenish a lot of what’s missing from our daily diets. 

The ideal combination of vitamins and minerals for optimal physical and mental well-being, helping you become your best you.

Key Benefits

• Replenish what your body needs

• Combat effects of stress, depression, anxiety, and cognitive decline

• Enhance focus, clarity and mood

• Exclusive technology-enhanced delivery of nutrients means better rate of absorption, and therefore better results

120 Capsules per bottle, $56

Save 10% - message us for more info

Gut Health products

Gut health never mattered more than it does now. Love Your Gut products are clinically proven to help restore healthy gut function, aid in digestion, reduce stress and anxiety, promote weight-loss, and assist in the absorption of essential nutrients and vitamins the body needs. Our systematic approach of enzymes, probiotics and adaptogens were designed for YOU, with a commitment to maximum quality, shareability, portability, delicious taste and efficacy.

Prices and Quantity vary

Save 10% - message us for more info

What People Say

B-You micronutrient has been life changing." I battle depression and seasonally it gets quite bad. I have had adverse reactions to prescription medications, so I have been working hard to try as many natural options as possible. This past year I wasn't as successful and my family became quite worried. B-You came to market just as we had agreed that although the side-effects were really bad for me, we had to return to medication. B-You became a last ditch effort to avoid them. Within a few days I noticed I forgot to use all the stuff I was using to fall asleep. It used to take me an hour to fall asleep and then if something woke me, another hour to fall back asleep. I noticed that first, and wasn't even expecting it. My hopelessness and fears are gone. I have been on B-You for over 3 months and my family isn't worried, in fact they catch me being silly, laughing and enjoying more of my life than ever before. I don't cry or lose myself to sitting and staring and feeling hopeless. My social anxiety has also severely decreased. I don't feel the overwhelming fears, chest tightness or rapid heart rate with extended time in groups of people, especially ones I don't know. B-You has given me, ME back. I will forever

be grateful!

- Niki C. USA

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